Another step closer to a big storehouse of reusable knowledge

Joe Gregorio

Chris Dent, who now works for Socialtext (how did I miss that?), writes:

These troubles matter little and will be solved: Late last night when I was editing, creating and deleting pages within a Socialtext workspace with both Perl and Python test clients, scales were scraped from my eyes, walls fell down, and objects once distant on the horizon were brought into clear relief. Sure, there are lots of Weblog APIs, but none in my experience has the comfy feel had by Atom in the wild. Atom is complicated and you can feel it, but you can also feel that it could end up doing some fun stuff in a clean way that brings the web another step closer to being a big storehouse of knowledge reusable (not just usable) by anyone.

This is incredibly gratifying to hear. I'm setting up a subversion repsitory for wxAtomClient and folding in the patches that Chris has sent me. It should show up on the projects page any day now.

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