☣ A history of Atom 1.0 milestones in WordPress

Joe Gregorio

Milestones when valid Atom was supposed to be supported by WordPress:

Did I mention that WordPress 2.1 shipped yesterday?

To add support for Atom 1.0 you will have to follow the directions here.


Posted by Geof F. Morris on 2007-01-23

It's frustrating for the implementors too. Are there any decent weblog tools that support atom? I did some work with Atom in a rails app and the only things I could find were Ecto, and Tim Bray's APE for testing. However, Ecto barely counts since it goes by Blogger's use of Atom 0.3.

Posted by rick on 2007-01-23


We aren't talking about Atom Publishing Protocol support, which is still just in draft form, we are talking about the Atom Syndication Format, which has had an RFC number for over a year now.

Posted by joe on 2007-01-23

Wow, that's amazing -- it's officially now more than 18 months of work (plus the interval between now and version 2.2) to support something that MT ships out-of-the-box, as it were. Alas.

Posted by Jason on 2007-01-23

I tried that link earlier, but it didn't spit out Atom 1.0 for me, it just broke my whole Atom feed. At least I know I'm not the only one disappointed about the lack of Atom 1.0 in Wordpress 2.1

Posted by Devon on 2007-01-23

Wow, this is incredible. Especially considering the 336.000 search results yielded for a Google search on "Atom 1.0" Wordpress. The solution is already created. Several times even. And still, the WP guys can't manage to implement it. I'm extremely disappointed and still won't start using WP until they officially add proper Atom 1.0 support.

Posted by Asbjørn Ulsberg on 2007-01-24

Although I'm really angry about this -- because once upon a time I thought the project was being run by the kind of people who cared about things like Atom 1.0 -- you're not being fair.

RFC4287 is dated December 2005. There wasn't enough time to squeeze it into the release of WordPress 2.0 and be sure of aggregator support. BlogLines' patchy support was cited as a specific reason for keeping it out, for example. The (perfectly reasonable) argument was that users would blame WordPress for "breaking" their feeds. That cuts seven milestones down to two.

It's more shameful, but Atom 1.0 was kept out of WordPress 2.1 because, as your list shows, it had already taken a year to ship: a whole lot of things were left out just to get the release out the door. It's likely to be in 2.2, which already has preliminary APP support.

Posted by Norman Gerre on 2007-01-24

At least it has *something* - Drupal doesn't have any Atom at all yet, just RSS...

Posted by alf on 2007-01-24

Hey, very sorry it didn't quite make the cut, we had a lot on our mind around release time. It wasn't personal or religious. I don't see any reason it shouldn't be in 2.2 though, which is going to be released April 23rd. Atom API support is already in trunk (added the day after 2.1 was released) and if someone from the Atom community would be willing to send in a working and vetted feed template, I can put it in to trunk immediately.

Posted by Matt on 2007-01-24


Sam has pointed out a few that are already available, and he has offered to fix any shortcomings, and even make sure they validate.

I'm thrilled to hear about the APP support and will be checking it out soon.


Posted by joe on 2007-01-24

That is exciting that APP is going to be supported in WordPress!

Posted by Eric Larson on 2007-01-25

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