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After a long hiatus comments are now re-enabled for BitWorking. The main reason they were removed was my inability to manage all the spam, and the introduction of 1812 has given me nice platform to build a control panel for managing my comments. Another spam handling strategy is that comments will only be accepted for five days after an entry had been published or updated.

One aspect of the old commenting system that has survived into the new incarnation has been editable comments, but unlike the old system which allowed you to edit your comments forever, this new system has been limited to just five minutes. A limitation of the old commenting system was its handling of unicode, which should now be seamless in this new system, for both comments and posts.

Allowing comments to be editable is important since 1812 will munge all incoming comments and convert them into XHTML, which I need since all pages are now served as XHTML. That one feature was inspired by Sam and his SVG-enabled blog, of course, I had to do one better (at least for now), and the final new feature is that comments can also include SVG.

I'll take the first comment to inform you of the typo in your link to 1812 :-)

Posted by neil on 2007-01-15

The link to 1812 is broken, you need an extra t in there (biworking).

Posted by Manuzhai on 2007-01-15

Fixed. Thanks!

Posted by joe on 2007-01-15

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