1812 in the wild

Joe Gregorio

Jeff Cutsinger:

I have a (mostly) working install of 1812.

Wow, color me impressed. Imagine what would happen if 1812 actually had documentation. I would love to hear about the experience.

I guess this is an 1812 question, so not exactly offtopic:
Why is this entry timestamped 2007-02-04T22:21:27.713835-05:00? That's about twenty minutes from now...

Posted by Sam Ruby on 2007-02-04

joe@joe-laptop:~$ date
Sun Feb  4 22:32:33 EST 2007
joe@joe-laptop:~$ b
Last login: Sun Feb  4 22:25:24 2007 from

jcgregorio@scandium ~
$ date
Sun Feb  4 23:32:42 EST 2007

Is time a leaky abstraction?

Posted by joe on 2007-02-04

Hey me too!

Posted by Neil Dunn on 2007-02-05


Everything isn’t being served off CGI just yet, I need a better webhost where I can install my own Python installation (for module goodness).

I would recommend a shell account at cornerhost, which is where BitWorking is hosted.

Posted by joe on 2007-02-05

I will post about the experience in more detail, although it may be a little while. It wasn't exactly easy, but I have pretty much everything with the exception of comments working. I think that may be due to the fact that I'm using Python 2.4 instead of 2.5. I might have a patch or two to contribute, too.

Thanks for the post. It made my morning. ☺

Posted by Jeff on 2007-02-05

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