Embedding YouTube videos in wikiCalc

Joe Gregorio

Dan Bricklin points to a cool demo of embedding a YouTube video into a wikiCalc spreadsheet. Of course, in a show of self-referential-integrity, the demo is done as a screencast and is hosted on YouTube.

Meanwhile I upgraded to the 1.0 release of wikiCalc and have my sparklines embedding down to a single line:

B1=wkcHTML(wkctext("<img src='http://bitworking.org/projects/sparklines/spark.cgi?d=",  
   wkcjoin(A2:A21), "'/>")) 

That requires the wkcJoin() function which I added to my install, but that doesn't detract from the fact that we're getting closer and closer to spreadsheets as mashup fabric. See Dan's notes in the comments on how to do this without adding any new functions.

If you have A16:A20 with numbers, you can have B16 have =A16&"," -- The & is force to string and concatenate. Then you can have: ="<img src='http://bitworking.org/projects/sparklines/spark.cgi?d=" & wkctext(B16:B20) & "' />" Finally, format the cell with Text format "HTML", so you don't need the wkcHTML function. Worked for me. What standard spreadsheet function gives you the join you want?

Posted by Dan Bricklin on 2007-02-16


That's much better than what I came up with!

I don't believe in limiting my wants to standard spreadsheet functions. :) What I'd really like is something that functioned similar to Python's join:

>>> ",".join(["fred", "barney"])

Posted by joe on 2007-02-17

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