Httplib2 - Version 0.3.0

Joe Gregorio

Version 0.3.0 of the httplib2 Python library is now available.

From the changelog:

   Calling Http.request() with a relative URI, as opposed to an absolute URI,
   will now throw a specific exception.

   Http() now has an additional optional parameter for the socket timeout.

   Exceptions can now be forced into responses. That is, instead of
   throwing an exception, a good httlib2.Response object is returned
   that describes the error with an appropriate status code.

   Many improvements to the file cache:

     1.  The names in the cache are now much less 
         opaque, which should help with debugging.

     2.  The disk cache is now Apache mod_asis compatible. 
     3.  A Content-Location: header is supplied and stored in the
         cache which points to the original requested URI.

   User supplied If-* headers now override httplib2 supplied

   IRIs are now fully supported. Note that they MUST be passed in
   as unicode objects.

   Http.add_credentials() now takes an optional domain to restrict
   the credentials to being only used on that domain.

   Added Http.add_certificate() which allows setting 
   a key and cert for SSL connnections.

   Many other bugs fixed.
Would you put it in the cheeseshop, please?

Posted by Manuzhai on 2007-03-09

Thanks, I'd forgotten. Now updated in the cheeseshop.

Posted by Joe on 2007-03-09

Cool, thanks!

Posted by Lawrence on 2007-03-09

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