Testing the APE

Joe Gregorio

Tim Bray:

And by the way, as of the writing of this I’m not aware of any APP server implementations that get green check-marks all the way down the line from the Ape.

You can run the APE against my apptestsite:


No name or password are required. You will see that some things don't look quite right:

1. Content-type must be 'application/atomserv+xml', not 'application/atomsvc+xml'
That's not true as of draft-14.
11. 'summary' has type='html' in entry as posted, type='xhtml' in returned entry.
I presume the ? is just an informational message and not a warning or an error? For reference, the APP Test Client breaks messages down into three categories: Informational, Warning (breaks a SHOULD/SHOULD NOT) and Error (breaks a MUST/MUST NOT).
12. 'content' in entry as posted [ ... ] differs from that in returned entry [ ... ].
The problem here is that my implementation normalizes the content and turns all chracter entities into their real characters, unless that would cause a problem. For example, the > gets turned into > as opposed to being preserved as a character entity. A little more robust string comparison would eliminate this false negative.
28. Can't update new entry with PUT: Not Found Method not allowed
Where did that URI come from? Fixed the bad URI returned on my side, but now we have a problem with conditional PUTs.

I do have one bug to fix and that is the relative URI being returned in the Location: header upon a successful create. Fixed.

Hey, cool stuff. Fixed #1.

On #11, at the moment the '?' means "something that an implementor might well need to know about". I'm not sure that introducing more granularity corresponding to SHOULD-or-not would be helpful to the potential implementor who I see as the Ape's most common user.

On #12, there was a problem, but it's not what you think. The problem was that the Ape was treating white-space between <content type="xhtml"> and the enclosed <xhtml:div> as significant in the comparison... the spec maybe gives a little wiggle room on this, but I think that restricting the comparison to the div gives a more useful result.

Conditional-PUT now works. Having now actually read 9.5 in draft-14 carefully, I urge all other potential implementors to do the same.

Posted by Tim on 2007-03-12

I noticed the atom:author/atom:name changed, and so did atom:updated. Interested to know your reasoning for usurping those two.

Posted by eric on 2007-03-13


Ok, I fixed the text-title escaping problems, so now were down to just warnings about dropped categories and foreign markup. Those I don't plan on fixing those since it's the client that SHOULD round-trip the foreign markup, not the server.

The one last problem is interesting:

Client-provided slug 'ape-92515' not used in server-generated URI.
This is interesting since I do use the slug on the URI of the generated web page, i.e. the "alternate" link, but it was redundant to use it on the "edit" link. I may change that just for the sake of completeness.

Posted by Joe on 2007-03-13


The atom:author/atom:name is hard coded into the templates. I suppose if 1812 was designed to be a multi-author blogging platform then that would end up being configurable.

As for atom:updated, I consider that a server controlled element and I set that to the local time when an entry is edited for any reason, because I sort entries by atom:updated when generating the collection feed. Now if collections were sorted by atom:edited, then I could let atom:updated revert to being client controlled.

Posted by Joe on 2007-03-13

I decided that Joe was right and the Ape was wrong about the Slug. Who cares if the slug shows up in the edit-URI? The reason it exists is to personalize the URI the world sees, especially the search-engine bots. So I just checked in a change where it runs through all the rel="alt" links (including those with no rel=) and if it finds the slug in one of the hrefs it's happy.

Also, fixing up the conditional-PUT thing has convinced me that the first sentence of 9.5 in draft-14 isn't strong enough. The etag stuff isn't there to make editing easier, it's there to help allow safe concurrent editing, and the spec should say so.

Posted by Tim on 2007-03-13

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