Robaccia inspired?

Joe Gregorio

I know what babelfish told me, but could a native speaker of French tell me what's going on on this page? Thanks!

Hi Joe,

What do you want to know exactly?

This is some tutored work for students. Each group of students has to rewrite the examples given in the first two sections (and yes, it really looks like Robaccia; but it says Cette introduction s'inspire très fortement de l'article Why so many Python web frameworks? de J. Gregorio., in brief, yes, it's "very strongly inspired" from Robaccia) to use different ORM tools, templating engines and "routing" libraries.

Then, they have to code components from section 5 (Cookie, session and exception handling, authentication, logging, forms, etc.) Each component gives them "stars" and each group have to obtain a minimum amount of stars to pass their exam.

Posted by Thomas Broyer on 2007-04-02


Thanks! I wasn't completely clear on the classroom/assignment part.

Posted by Joe on 2007-04-02

Vocabulary that neither Babelfish nor Google Translate can get:
  • "TP" = Travaux Pratiques = Classroom assignment.
  • "TPmen" = TAs
The rest of the automatic translation is mostly OK, if not hilarious to read. Overall a nice assignement. The page is from a graduate university linked with the CNRS

Posted by ralfoide on 2007-04-02

A l'outre main, ils sont necessaire du considerez le date de modification de cette page: 1 Avril (le premiere Avril, ou "April" dans Anglais-Americain), et que celui est notoriusemente pour les japes hystericaux. ;-))))

Posted by Frank Wilhoit on 2007-04-03


I'd be humbled if someone put in this much effort just for an April fools joke.

Posted by Joe on 2007-04-03

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