Sunroom, Shed and Patio

Joe Gregorio

One year ago we started in on a project to convert our screened porch into a sunroom, add a patio, and add a shed. Well, one year has passed and we are finally nearing completion. The reason it's taken a year is a very long story that I will tell much much later, a story that includes ugly words like "bad checks", "bankruptcy", and "felon". But all that aside, we've made great progess, here are some before and after shots:

Back of the house, view from the parking pad, before. Back of the house, view from the parking pad, after.

The concrete patio is tinted, and the shed, which is to the right, has an eight foot overhang, which provides the shade.

Path behind sunroom before. Path behind sunroom after.

The concrete blocks to build the retaining wall are easy to work with. Lynne and I put up the wall on this side of the yard in about eight hours.

Spot where shed will be, before. Spot with shed, attached to garage, after.

Yes, that's really just a shed attached to the back of the garage. We put nice windows and a door on it to make it look like part of the house. That part of the plan ended up causing us complications, since it looked too much like part of the house, and the town wanted a notarized letter from us stating that we wouldn't let anyone live in there.

sweet trampoline! I kid... Very nice job for a confined space like that. Looks very comfortable.

Posted by judson on 2007-05-07


And about the trampoline, we live in the south, they're practically required by law...

Posted by Joe on 2007-05-07

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