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Linux Command Line Tips:

(Note ifconfig, route, mii-tool, nslookup commands are obsolete)

I apparently missed a memo.

I have a faint recollection of some noise a while back about making ip (provided by iproute2) the interface to ifconfig and route.

As far as I can see, that's just more fodder for the Unix rosetta stone someone has kindly compiled. I also remember how even NT had standard route(8) syntax. But Leeenux? Can't have that, can we?

I value commonality of basic syntax between my tools above cleverness.

Posted by Luis Bruno on 2007-06-08


Thanks for the link to the Unix Rosetta Stone, that's fantastic.

Posted by joe on 2007-06-08

On my Mac at least, dig seems to be the official successor to nslookup.

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on 2007-06-08

Just becuase they're obsolete doesn't mean they don't still work ok, but you can do much more with their replacements - ip addr, ip route, ethtool and dig. For example, you can abbreviate arguments to ip (great for those more used to routers), easily add/remove an address (ip addr add IP dev eth0 vs some ifconfig-fu I was always scared of using in case I took down the network by accident), do source routing, change wake-on-lan options, and see much more useful info when debugging DNS issues.

Posted by James on 2007-06-10

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