Self-referential responsibility

Joe Gregorio

My wife is starting a business, something I will blog more about in the future. The important part, for this story, is that all the web based things fell to me, and I turned to Google Apps. The startup process was amazing, in just two hours we went from zero to having our own domain name, a web site, email, chat, docs, and calendaring. There's just two employees in the business today, but we can add up to 200, and all for no costs beyond the $10 for the domain name registration.

Anyway, one of the things Lynne wanted was a registration form. I wanted to keep things simple and keep as much data in Google Apps as possible, so what I came up with was the idea of creating a registration form that appended the data into a Google Spreadsheet. Lynne was thrilled with the idea.

Now Google Page Creator doesn't have the ability to create forms using the GUI tools so I had to hand code one. Also, there is no gateway for moving form data into a spreadsheet, so I decided to write a little Python CGI script on that would take the output of the form, append it as a new row in the spreadsheet, and then redirect back to a page on the website.

So, for the record we have:

As I'm coding this up it dawns on me:

If I can't get this to work, I have no one to blame but myself!

You had a Bill Gates moment!

Posted by Michael R. Bernstein on 2007-06-01

I must have been asleep for the past few months because I never realized that it was already possible to automate the editing of Google Spreadsheets. And via Python! Very slick. The cost of creating a small business just keeps getting lower and lower.

Posted by Scott Johnson on 2007-06-01

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