The Java Bubble

Joe Gregorio

Assaf Arkin:

One of my pet peeves about Java is [t]he choice to separate itself and live in a bubble, isolated from the operating system.

One of these days, in the spirit of "Alice in Wonderland", I'm going to write a childrens book about the two worlds of Sea-land (C-land) and Javum (JVM).

Maybe you can just write a sequel to Steve Yegge's wonderfully written story "The Kingdom of Nouns". His story already explores the fabled kingdoms of Javaland and it's rivals C-land, JavaScript-land, Perl-land and Ruby-land. Just to be complete he even mentions far-away rarely visited kingdoms of Haskellia, Ocamlica, and Schemeria.

Posted by Deron Meranda on 2007-06-04


Thanks, I'd forgotten about that!

Posted by joe on 2007-06-04

You might also enjoy Robert Sabourin's I Am A Bug, a children's picture book about QA.

Posted by Greg on 2007-06-04

Assaf is a man after my own heart.

Posted by Tom on 2007-06-04


Posted by Assaf on 2007-06-06

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