Secure Syndication and Google Gears

Joe Gregorio

Steven Citron-Pousty Stephen Reinhardt has a write up of a presentation by Aaron Boodman on Google Gears.

Didn’t start out to enable offline synch - instead was just to make AJAX apps better. For example he wrote an app that could encrypt data on the client but then NOT let the server decrypt. You need to store the key on the client to decrypt again but cookie would not be a good place to store it.

Oooh, it might be time to dust off Secure Syndication. The key could be stored in the Database and the decryption could be offloaded to the WorkerPool to avoid hanging the UI.

Sorry but I am not sure who Steven Reinhardt is. My name is Steven Citron-Pousty. With that minor issue aside I am glad you are reading my coverage of Mashup Uni and Camp. Please let me know if there is anything else you want to hear about. Thanks

Posted by Steven Citron-Pousty on 2007-07-17


Fixed, thanks!

Posted by joe on 2007-07-17

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