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Joe Gregorio

For the first time in my life I downloaded music off the internet legally.

Let me qualify that statement:

  1. I've never downloaded music illegally.
  2. I've never used iTunes, or any other DRM-laden "service" to buy music.

For the first time in my life I can download music off the internet legally using Amazon's new MP3 service.

I've been waiting for this day for a long time.

While I know that there are plenty of independent music sites out there I've never had luck navigating their interfaces or getting good recommendations out of them. Besides, what I really want to do is recapture my mis-spent youth by creating a playlist that I would have constructed when I was twelve years old. Of course, we didn't have 'playlists' when I was twelve, nor 'mp3's, nor the web. What I'm doing is creating my ultimate 'mixtape'.

Speaking of which, one of the first songs I went looking for was Iron Maiden's "Aces High". Now I didn't find the original there so I had to settle for a cover, but what I also found was a bunch of - shall we say "unconventional" - covers, including two albums by the Vitamin String Quartet, who did an entire album: "Anatomy of Evil: The String Quartet Tribute to Iron Maiden", and appears to have done many such tribute albums. Oh, and if you're not into string quartets, they also have a Piano tribute series.

But I digress, the point is that Amazon, and in turn some record companies, now have money that they never got from me previously. I hope Amazon makes buckets of money off this, and I hope the artists do too, but that's not likely, and that's a completely different story.

I've used iTunes, but I've never paid money, just used vouchers on soda bottles. I am seriously tempted to buy some MP3s now for the first time. I think it's such a no-brainer. I pay less than CDs to get tracks of less quality. Those who are going to pass them on illegally are going to be outweighed by those like you and me that will now buy.

Posted by Paul Morriss on 2007-09-27

When I was twelve I was listening to mods and chiptunes. I still have some of my collection. Can't beat cheesy adlib.

Posted by Craig Overend on 2007-09-27

Joe, that last comment is spam, on-topic or not. You probably want to disarm the signature link, at least.

Posted by Aristotle Pagaltzis on 2007-09-30

Aristotle, Thanks, I hadn't noticed! Deleted.

Posted by Joe on 2007-09-30

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