RFC 5023 - The Atom Publishing Protocol

Joe Gregorio

The Atom Publishing Protocol has finally been published as RFC 5023.


Just about a month shy of five years since the first publication of RESTLog. What a long strange trip it's been. RFC's don't have dedication sections. If they did I would have dedicated it to my loving wife who has endured my strange - and mostly unpaid - obsession for the past five years. This post will have to do. Thanks.

Congratulations Joe!

Posted by Bill Higgins on 2007-10-08

It's hard for those of us who didn't sweat to appreciate the work, but I am sure it must have been quite a commitment. Thanks for taking the time out of your life to help the rest of us by working towards this standard.

Posted by Daniel Jalkut on 2007-10-09

Congrats man, thats some accomplishment, and its much appreciated.

Posted by Eric on 2007-10-09

Congrats, Joe! We never lost faith that you and the working group would pull this off.

So, um, now what? : )

Posted by DeWitt Clinton on 2007-10-09


Posted by Jeff on 2007-10-09

Congratulations to you, Bill and everybody that dedicated their spare, unpaid time to this!

Posted by Luiz Rocha on 2007-10-09


Someone should tell Dare Obasanjo that there is a finished standard for him to find fault with. Only kidding!

Posted by Josh Peters on 2007-10-09

Another hearty congratulations, Joe! I hope I'll find enough tuits to build an implementation. Is there going to be an interoperability test or reference implementation? -Vince

Posted by Vince on 2007-10-09


Look on my projects page for both client and server implementations I've done. An interop session was held back in April. The projects listed for that interop are a good place to look for other client and server implementations. I hope we can do more interop sessions in the future.

Posted by Joe on 2007-10-09

Congratulations! Five years!? You have a long history... I say again, "Congratulations".

Posted by Hiroshi ASAKURA on 2007-10-10

Congratulations, and welcome back to the world of the living!

Posted by Mark Nottingham on 2007-10-10

Congratulations Joe, thats huge accomplishment, and its much appreciated so keep up the good work. Regards

Posted by Tomasz Gorski on 2007-10-14

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