Barbie Island Princess

Joe Gregorio

One of my sons, looking over the shoulder of my four year old daughter with her Nintendo DS:

When do the ponies get weapons?

Where did this Barbie craze come from? My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the movies. I had to make a special trip to Best Buy last night to get Barbie As The Princess Pauper after a week of Island Princess. I know 12 Dancing Princesses by heart; Fairytopia too.

Dora is a gateway drug...

My son (3), on the other hand, literal believes he's Link from Zelda. He can't quite work the Wii-mote by himself yet but we team up and he runs the sword while I drive. When we're not playing Wii he's either chasing the dog around with his bow and sword or shape-shifting into a wolf.

I have great hope for the future of this country.

Posted by Ryan Tomayko on 2008-01-31


My daughter is absolutely obsessed with the movies.

Same here. We recently ordered the entire series of Barbie movies, in Chinese.

Posted by Joe on 2008-01-31

At least they aren't into Bratz. I can hardly think of anything more damaging to a young girl.

Posted by Jeff on 2008-01-31

I forgot to mention that all those Barbie movies are on YouTube :) My daughter found them serendipitously. My wife set her up with some princess related crap and then my daughter somehow navigated herself to one of the Barbie movies using the related videos in the sidebar. She's four years old and already a pirate!


Posted by Ryan Tomayko on 2008-01-31

Barbie Movies are disgusting. I don't understand what I've done wrong to my kids. But well, somedays they'll grow up :-)

Posted by NFS on 2008-02-04

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