The psychology of a failed president

Joe Gregorio

One of things that's been most puzzling about Bush is his reaction to failure, that maddening wacky grin and jaunty manner as the entire country, if not the entire planet, careens towards the abyss - Iraq, climate change, torture, Katrina, warrantless surveillance, and two recessions - just to name a few issues. This article, "Bush and the Psychology of Incompetent Decisions", does a great job of explaining the psychology behind his behavior.

As his decisions go awry, he exudes a troubling, uncanny aura of certitude (though some find it reassuring). He seems to expect to feel despised and alone (and probably has always felt that), as he has always secretly expected to fail.

We'll spend the next fifty years mopping up after him and his daddy issues.

And Bill Clinton *didn't* have daddy issues? (Granted he wasn't the same kinda trainwreck, policy-wise, but man that guy could have used a good male role model.) \

Posted by Joe Grossberg on 2008-03-26


Agreed. Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon are both mentioned in the article.

One of the things the past eight years has proven to me is how broken the 'free press' really is. Before the republican revolution I did see an amazing lack of investigative journalism, heck, an amazing lack of anything approaching even 'curiosity' out of the press corps for anything the democratically controlled government was doing, and had at least tentatively bought into the idea of a biased press. Eight years later and the same timid press shows the same level of apathy towards the republican controlled government; the only conclusion I can draw is that they aren't biased, they're slovenly.

Posted by Joe on 2008-03-26

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