Gravity Mouse

Joe Gregorio

Christopher, my 13 year old, has been playing with Flash for quite a while and has produced his first game: Gravity Mouse. It's a really neat concept and has already gotten 28 reviews and received a score of 2.89/5.0 on Newgrounds. I'm really proud of him.

Of course, this is what he was doing when he should have been working on his C++ homework, but I think I'll cut him some slack in this case.

That's a very cool game and a lot of fun. You've every right to be proud. I have an 11 year old who seems to pick up computer languages like they were ice cream flavours and it's always great to see what he comes up with next. An OS in python was the latest one!

Posted by Ian on 2008-04-11

Authoring tool? My 13 yr old is kinda interested in getting the Flash dev kit, but is sensitive to the price issue (even the educational version, which ... it's not clear you could use to produce something for a site like Newgrounds).

Posted by Patrick Mueller on 2008-04-11


We have the official Adobe Studio 8 bundle as Christopher teaches the Flash Animation Class at the Apex Learning Center.

Posted by Joe on 2008-04-11

Kids aren't stupid, Joe. They know, innately, that staticly typed languages suck. :) ActionScript FTW!?

Posted by Ryan Tomayko on 2008-04-11

"C++ homework"??? :-/

Posted by Patrick Logan on 2008-04-11

I'm with Patrick Logan, C++ homework at 13? I'm not sure if you're making a joke or you're serious!

Posted by Al on 2008-04-11

I'm serious about the C++ homework, he's taking an online high school class with supplemental assignments I've given him.

Posted by Joe on 2008-04-11

I love the fact that with the age of the internet, so much knowledge is available to help people learn - awesome!

Posted by Al on 2008-04-12

I knew Americans have different opinions on torture, but doing C++ to kids? That's just mean :-)

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on 2008-04-12

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