The Associated Press is apparently three years behind the New YorkTimes on the internet cluetrain

Joe Gregorio

Clueless corporate member of mainstream media fails to grasp internet; cuts nose off to spite face; film at eleven.

The Associated Press:

The Associated Press is the bastion of the people's right to know around the world. With a long history of involvement in FOI issues and actions, AP is an industry leader in "open government issues."

Unless, of course, you're one of those dirty hippie bloggers.

The scope of AP's efforts worldwide is extraordinary. Whether reporting on Iraqi prisoner abuse or the difficulty in getting aid to tsunami victims, AP captures the consequences of government action or inaction.

Just don't quote us on that.

At the state level, AP open government efforts are coordinated by the chief of bureau, working in conjunction with state members, FOI councils, industry associations and other interested groups.

And the DMCA, don't forget the DMCA, we like the DMCA too!

Are you left wondering about their motivations for doing this? Well, here's a little background, the AP is a not-for-profit cooperative was founded in 1846 and is owned by 1,500 US daily newspaper members, not that I would ever suggest that US daily newspapers have an axe to grind against the internet and bloggers. Never.

It should all be resolved quickly, as Dave Winer is now on the case. I'm sure that Rogers will appreciate the help.

Posted by Sam Ruby on 2008-06-17

Oh, now that's rich. The internet is just one giant irony-free zone, isn't it?

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-06-17

What is this 'irony' of which you speak? I know of no 'irony'.

Posted by Michael R. Bernstein on 2008-06-19

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