Introduction to the Atom Publishing Protocol

Joe Gregorio

A video introduction to the Atom Publishing Protocol:

If you have trouble seeing the text in the video you can click through to YouTube and watch the high resolution version.

Hi Joe, This was relaly useful, thanks. I'm just getting to grips with these technologies and short tutorials like this are great. Question, when you say media I think of video and audio. However does what you said about media apply to other binary formats such as .docs, .pdfs etc.... ? I'm assuming we would treat those in exactly the same way and there is no differentiation between those and what you termed "media". cheers Jamie

Posted by Jamie Thomson on 2008-07-18


You are correct, "media" refers to anything that isn't an Atom Entry, such as .docs, .pdfs, etc.

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-18

Gotcha. Thanks Joe!

Posted by Jamie Thomson on 2008-07-18

Thanks Joe, that was a great overview. One question though- starting at 3:19, you show a slide showing an atom entry that was POSTed to the collection, and highlight the edit URI assigned, in this case In the next slide, you said that in order to delete the entry, one would send an HTTP DELETE to the edit URI, but the slide shows DELETE The noted the same discrepancy in the "update" slides. Was this just a mistake in the slides, or is there something I'm missing? I watched these sections three times, and I can't figure out what I'm missing.

Posted by Jason Clark on 2008-07-21

Nope, you're right, those are typos on my part, sorry.

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-21

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