OSCon 2008

Joe Gregorio

I'll be presenting twice at OSCon 2008 which is coming up in just a few weeks. My first presentation is "(The Lack of) Design Patterns in Python":

In many dynamic language communities such as Python, there is a distinct lack of Design Patterns. Are the communities ignorant of Design Patterns or is there something else going on here? This talk is based on my well-trafficked article Python isn't just Java without the compile, which compares Java to Python and other dynamic languages. The session expands on that article by using Design Patterns as a crude metric of gaps in a programming language.

The second is "Open Source and Standards":

With experience with the Atom Syndication Format, Atom Publishing Protocol, and URI Templates, this talk will cover the pros and cons of the mantra of "rough concensus and running code" in the IETF and how open source contributes to standards. Both the pros and the cons will be covered, including advice on how early to deploy, or not deploy, and copyright as a weapon. We'll cover real world examples like the feed validator, APE, and wxAtomClient.

Hope to see you there.

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