Protocol Buffers

Joe Gregorio

Protocol Buffers have been open sourced. They're one of the first things you learn about when you start at Google and they're used everywhere. The release supports C++, Java and Python, but Brad is working on Perl support.

What's the reason for lack of PEP8 compliance for the Python support?

Posted by JB on 2008-07-09

Google has their own coding style guide for Python which doesn't always line up with PEP8.

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-09

Joe, is this technology better than Hierarchical Data Format?

Posted by Liz on 2008-07-11


There are lots of data serialization technologies out there, each with their pros and cons, each suited to different contexts, and I've never even heard or HDF before now, so any comparison I would provide would be downright useless.

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-11

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