Newly Re/Un-Designed

Joe Gregorio

If you haven't visited my site recently, I've redesigned, or undesigned as the case may be, stripping out as much as I could, dropping background images, etc, following in the minimalism of Mark and Ryan, though I doubt I'll ever get around to setting a Baseline. And removing administrative debris is easy since I don't have any, controlling my blog is all done via the Atom Publishing Protocol. Now that I've cleared the underbrush I'll start in on Sam's version of minimalism.

There be dragons: Firefox and IE, to name but two.

Posted by Sam Ruby on 2008-07-10

Thanks Sam, forewarned is forearmed.

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-10

I like it a lot. One suggestion: please add rel=next/prev links. I've just started using these in Conkeror (, and they are super-handy! Using the Name field as a spam check is a great idea; hope you don't mind if I end up stealing it for my site when I get around to it.

Posted by Phil on 2008-07-10

Your copyright year (in the footer) appears to be wrong---unless of course, they are applied to only until 2007 :).

Posted by Chetan Kunte on 2008-07-11

Fixed, thanks!

Posted by Joe Gregorio on 2008-07-11

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