I've got two new articles up the App Engine site, one on Paging, and the other on Sharding Counters. The Sharding Counters article is fun because it highlights some of counter-intuitive solutions you apply when working with the kind of datastore that App Engine supplies.

I worry that your paging article promotes the terrible (but seemingly standard and unquestioned) paging model of counting up from the present — the content on every page is constantly changing.

On top of that you'll usually have another set of non-screwy archives paged by month — why not have them be the only archive pages?

On a separate note, why do so many of Google's AppEngine examples pervasively use huge hashes in URIs?

Posted by Fred Blasdel on 2009-01-27


Good point, I can do count-down paging as a follow-up article, thanks!

Posted by Joe on 2009-01-27

+1 http://decafbad.com/blog/2008/07/17/date-based-pagination

Posted by l.m.orchard on 2009-01-28