Data binding and JS frameworks

Joe Gregorio

It was over three years ago that I wrote No more JS frameworks, at which time I was roundly criticized for not understanding that data binding could only be done via JS framework, the two were inextricably linked, and only 2-way data binding would do, as one way data binding was for weak-minded fools who weren’t building real applications. You can find the comments on HN yourself, I don’t link to that cesspool.

So, in that context, it was funny to read Why Angular 2/4 Is Too Little, Too Late:

Two way data-binding was a feature in 2013 and Facebook said it was a bug. It turns out they were right.

The post goes on to explain how the “industry settled on Redux”, which is nice to see that the functionality is delivered as a standalone library, and MIT Licensed, because licenses matter.

My only concern is that I believe I too work in the industry and I’ve spent the last three years delivering applications using Polymer, so I guess I’m not “settled”?

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