I’ve launched a new micro-blog at stream.bitworking.org, which has an Atom Feed if you want to follow along. You can also follow along on Mastodon by following @stream.bitworking.org@stream.bitworking.org thanks to https://fed.brid.gy/. Any entries will also appear on Twitter thanks to https://brid.gy. Interactions on any of those sites should flow back to Stream thanks to webmention support via github.com/jcgregorio/webmention-run.

Finally the admin interface to Stream is a PWA that supports the Web Share Target API, which means I can trivially share content to Stream using the native Android Share intent.

The backend is written in Go and it runs entirely on Google Cloud Run. The login is handled via Google Sign-In for Websites, and Workbox is used for the PWA aspects.

The code for Stream is on GitHub and I’ve endeavored to make it customizable via the config.json file, but no guarantees since I just got it all working today.